“You don’t know you’ve been wearing the wrong bra, until you are wearing the right one.” – Deborah Morton, Box of Gorgeous

Box of Gorgeous

Curvy Kate


30E…yes please

Do you know that 80% of UK women are wearing the wrong bra size?  When I worked at Blue-Chip this statistic was very much so backed up by the fact that every girl in the office seemed to be wearing a 34C, with figures that could not of been more different!  That was, until, a very classy Deborah Morton joined the team and was aghast by our perceived unity of both back and cup sizes.

Having worked part-time in Bravissimo when at Uni, Debs had that impressive skill whereby she was able to line us all up, look rather intensely at each of our chests and general upper body area and then confirm a proper bra size.  So that we did and that she did and in a matter of minutes I went from being a 34C to 30E, quite the impressive jump (you can imagine Lee’s delight too).  And so when purchasing my next bra and trying this new size, I discovered that Debs could not of been more right.

Box of Gorgeous

After leaving Blue Chip, Debs worked for another marketing company in Glasgow before taking the plunge (excuse the pun) into her passion and launched her very own lingerie brand at the end of 2014, which I am delighted to report is going from strength to strength with her pieces being picked up by both the Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan.


Box of Gorgeous is aimed at curvyliscious ladies who are looking for underwear options, which are just as aesthetically pleasing than the smaller counterparts on offer in the marketplace, but that also provide the support necessary to ensure no sore boob or back situs.

Box of Gorgeous is committed to delivering a chic selection of intimate apparel and accessories for curvy girls. We search the global marketplace to bring you new and exciting items that balance fit and fashion, and most of all, make you feel fabulous!  Celebrating all that is feminine and flirty, our collections cater for 30-36 back sizes and D-H cup sizes. We aim to delight and inspire you, bringing you intimates that are not only great fitting but stylish too.

Beautiful bras

From Tutti Rouge, Cake Lingerie and Curvy Kate to Parfait, Affinitas and Evollove (to name but a few), the ranges offered at Box of Gorgeous are quite simply, fabulous.  The level of rather exclusive and boutique-style brands are also further accentuated in the styles of underwear available and the beautiful detailing on each.  The brands Debs stocks, display a level of craftsmanship on bras that you just don’t find in a lot of High Street shops and I have truly never seen a better selection for the fuller busted female.

Box of Gorgeous

Tutti Rouge

Box of Gorgeous

Tutti Rouge

Box of Gorgeous

Curvy Kate

Box of Gorgeous


Box of Gorgeous


Top ti(t)ps

I enjoyed a showcase session with Debs before departing for Oz and she talked me through how to properly fit a bra (full advice can be found on the Box of Gorgeous website), and I had the pleasure of trying on an array of the beautiful items stocked by Box of Gorgeous (some of which can be seen in the brand images above).

These are the main hints, tips and bra facts which stood out for me…

When you put on a bra start by putting your arms though the straps and lifting your boobs into the cup (for some reason I had never before lifted my boobs into a cup…is this just me?!)

Clip the bra on the loosest hook (it should initially fit you at the loosest, as the bra will stretch over time in the wash).  Do this at the back, do not clip your bra at the front and twist it to the back, as this leads to unnecessary stretching (this I am always guilty of doing but to be fair, I blame wee Lindy, my mum, for this as this was the way I was advised to put on a bra)

A good way of determining whether the back size is too big is to pull the bra away from your body at the front (by the material in between the cups) and the gap should be very slight.  If it pulls too far away, it is too big – on the evening of the showcase, I reckon I could get a fist between the bra and my chest

Your cleavage should not be bursting out the top of the bra, if it is the bra is too small (a fact that I tended to avoid during the teen years when the aim is to make the cleavage as intense as possible and by any means possible…)

Bras that are fully adjustable, which means you can tighten the straps as much as you wish from the back to the front, are likely to provide a better fit.  How often do you have a 50% adjustable bra at the tightest and feel like it could be tighter still.  But with this remember that 80% of a bra’s support comes from the back and so it is more important that this fits cross the back with the shoulder straps then aiding this support.

The life span of a bra is only 6 months (pretty positive I still have a few that are about 6 years old).

Bra solutions

On top of the elegant collections of lingerie and nightwear and hosiery, Box of Gorgeous also stock underwear accessories and ‘bra solutions’ e.g. nipple covers (to help avoid that Rachel from friends constantly cold look), clips to make straps become a racerback (this is where it clips in the straps in the centre of the back and would be extremely useful to wear with certain styles of dresses), shoulder savers (which can help relieve the pressure of the strap on the shoulders, ideal for those females who are blessed with particularly large boobs) and no-line strapless panties (you have to see the to believe them).

Essentially, Box of Gorgeous can help with any underwear issue you may have and most of these underwear solutions I had never even heard of.

Lingerie parties

Lingerie at home parties are another service offered by Box of Gorgeous.  This is when Debs will arrive at your home on an agreed date and fit you and our friends and showcase her ranges.  Shopping for underwear is not everyone’s cup of tea and so this is a great way to get some friends together and have a giggle at how far wrong you are on your current bra size.

Move over beauty box, we now have the bra box!

For me one of the major USPs offered by Box of Gorgeous is the way the products are delivered to you…

Box of Gorgeous


Box of Gorgeous Box of Gorgeous

Thus making them the perfect products for gifting.  Think of the helping hand Box of Gorgeous will also offer to men looking for lingerie for their partners, there will be no red face instore action and the products come perfectly wrapped already.

Further to the delightful way your order will arrive, Box of Gorgeous sell the most gorgeous little cake boxes filled with pretty briefs, which to me are the ideal quirky gifts for friends when you have already bought them much of a muchness in the past.

Box of GorgeousBox of Gorgeous

Completely at E’s

A final thing to recognise when it comes to Box of Gorgeous is the fact that if you were ever looking for the perfect person to put you at ease during a bra fitting or when discussing underwear in general, then Debs is your lady.  She has an incredibly warm, professional and personable personality and moreover, she is the master (or mistress) of style when it comes to lingerie.

So with all this in mind, why not make the choice to check you are wearing the right bra size today (not tomorrow which inevitable can lead to never) and contact Debs at Box of Gorgeous for the ultimate in bra styling.





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