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The Beard Bro UK

The beard boom has been growing momentum since 2013 and based on the average number of furry faces you see on the high street today, it shows no sign of being shaved out of fashion any time soon. In fact, since this furry-chinned phenomenon came into play, there has been a decrease in popularity in skincare for men, largely …


Beauty-Full Times in 2015 with Fake Bake

You may (or may not be) wondering about my blog silence of late and it really does boil down to two words: Fake Bake.  From working at shows such as Girls Day Out and the Scottish Wedding Show in Glasgow and attending black tie events like the Icon Awards to partying it up Fake Bake Beauty …


Fake Bake Beauty at Home

I must apologise for the lack of posting thus far in 2015 (do I sound like a broken record yet?).  It seems that every night Lee and I’s focus has been doing up the cottage of late (which we hope to put it on the market in May) and what with this and my recent joining …

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Box of Gorgeous

“You don’t know you’ve been wearing the wrong bra, until you are wearing the right one.” – Deborah Morton, Box of Gorgeous   30E…yes please Do you know that 80% of UK women are wearing the wrong bra size?  When I worked at Blue-Chip this statistic was very much so backed up by the fact that every …

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Glittery girls and hens

I have to say, this weekend turned out to be a bit of a girl-fest for me and on multiple occasions I found myself thinking how proud I am to be female…. Girls & glitter Girls Day Out encompasses the major passions in most ladies lives.  From stalls serving an array of chocolates and cupcakes (some with neighbouring …

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A Fake Bake Real Women

Having now worked at Fake Bake for the past 14 weeks (how time flies), I have to say I’m loving it.  The transition from Agency to Client-side in the world of marketing, was initiallly a challenge (and a surprise, as I had always assumed agency-side was more intense having been part of one for 6 years) but one that I …

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Because your (hair’s) worth it

The power of hair Ever look in the mirror and think, my god my hair looks rubbish today?!  Or step out after giving yourself, what you believe to be a very technical blow dry, only for the heavens to open and in a second your bouncy barnet could be likened to the end of a wet …


Fake Bake at Home training

Today I took part in a spray tan training course at the Fake Bake Hair & Beauty Boutique.  Located on Glasgow’s West Regent Street in the heart of the city centre, the boutique itself is truly gorgeous – like a lavish 2-story boudoir where one can get pampered like a princess, or indeed a prince, all day long if that be your hearts …

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