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Auckland skyline view from Viaduct

Auckland is said to be one of the World’s most liveable cities… that is according to the 2016 Mercer Report (see the other winning destinations here).  For me I likened it very much to a Sydney in miniature, with it’s Sky Tower, quirky harbor area, beaches, picturesque skyline and a short ferry ride to beautiful islands. …

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Baby Shower

Last weekend passed by in a haze of baking for Andrena’s baby shower (which mainly consisted of my dipping biscuits into tubs of condensed caramel, Bounty spread and jam), with the consumption of the sugary treats – and copious amounts of Prosecco alongside them – taking place at the shower on the Sunday. So in addition to …

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

OK so I am only going to touch on this briefly…I weighed myself on Friday morning and I had put on 2 pounds (bas****). So I commiserated like any other failed dieter does, by eating a massive Domino’s that night and then proceeding to stuff my face for the rest of the weekend (with copious …


Week 4 of the Herbalife Diet

As mentioned last week, I had my weigh in on Friday and to my utter amazement (and I mean I had one of those out loud ‘yas’ moments) I found that over the past three weeks of doing the Herbalife diet, I have lost 5 pounds. Now, had I been doing the diet strictly, I would …


Day 7 – Herba-crisis

Well this weekend has been an epic fail on the diet front… It all kicked off on Friday night, when Lee and I went to the Hanoi Bike Shop in Ruthven Lane (Glasgow’s West End) for dinner with our friends Dave and Heather.  This Vietnamese eatery was once hired out in its entirety by none other …


Day 3 of the Herbalife diet

A few readers have been in touch with some questions about the Herbalife diet and so I wanted to take a sec to summarise the main points below… Shake for breakfast (250ml skimmed milk – although if you are looking to cut calories further why not try unsweetened almond or coconut milk – with 1-2 …

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