It’s not often you find yourself truly enchanted.  Last night however, deep in the heart of Faskally Wood on the border of picturesque Pitlochry, I found myself just that.

Last year was the first time Lee and I had visited the Enchanted Forest and having absolutely loved it, expectations were high as we journeyed through the rolling green Perthshire landscape to Pitlochry.

Every October this cultural spectacle takes on a different theme.  In 2014 it was Elemental and this year Flux, with a focus on the illumination of nature.

It is pretty awe-inspiring how lighting and music can make you look at something in a completely different light.  I mean, I would never, at any other time, venture into a dark forest, purely down to the fact I would be scared sh****** but add some colourful twinkling lights and it is goodbye spine-tingling fear and hello ‘oooohhhss’ and ‘aaaaahhssss’.  Add to that a pre-forest half bottle of vin rouge and then a cheeky wee mulled wine whilst walking through the illuminations, and you’ll find your enthusiasm for the sights is even more so intensified.

Flux was a sell out this year and so if the Enchanted Forest is on your radar for next year, make sure you sign up to the database so you are first to hear when the tix are released.  A final tip, book a room in a local hotel so you can really make a night of it 🙂 x

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