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Fake Bake

Just been sprayed with Fake Bake Original and heading to the train

Today I took part in a spray tan training course at the Fake Bake Hair & Beauty Boutique.  Located on Glasgow’s West Regent Street in the heart of the city centre, the boutique itself is truly gorgeous – like a lavish 2-story boudoir where one can get pampered like a princess, or indeed a prince, all day long if that be your hearts desire.

As this very indulgent beauty haven is not situated on one of the main shopping streets in Glasgow, I’m shamed to say that I have never passed by it before, and now feel like I have been seriously missing out.  On visiting, you too will understand why it is the go to destination to obtain that golden glow with Glasgow’s movers and shakers, with the UK’s leading professional self-tan products sitting at the epicentre of the business.

When you walk through the glass doors of the boutique, you’ll first notice a wonderfully massive sparkling chandelier, which sits over the reception, and from there your eyes will be drawn to the deep purple décor, oak floors, gilded mirrors and ornately framed awards that adorn the walls.  You’ll also feel instantly relaxed and comfortable on being welcomed in by the lovely therapists and manager.

My wonderment then became fixed on two display cases, which showcase Fake Bake’s range of tans and preparation and maintenance products.  Like a treasure trove they shout out to you and if you are anything like me, you’ll find yourself picking each of them, up examining their purpose (even although I’m already very familiar with them) and reasoning in your head why you absolutely have to have them all.

The training to become a Fake Bake at Home therapist comprises of 4 modules:

  1. An introduction to Fake Bake
  2. An introduction to the self-tan market
  3. An in-depth discussion of the Fake Bake retail products
  4. A practical module whereby you learn how to spray tan, which ends with you actually spraying one of your fellow budding therapists

The day costs only £50, takes 4-5 hours, is an accredited programme by The Guild of Beauty Therapists, and by the end of it, you receive a certificate to authenticate your professional spray tan skills. I have to admit when it came to my turn to spray my ‘partner’ I was very nervous, and of course the lovely girl was already so brown (being a self-confessed sunbed fan) I could hardly differentiate the guide colour from her already incredibly deep natural tan – as you can imagine this understanding of where you have, and have not sprayed the tan, is of course an essential feature of the spray process to ensure an even colour.

Luckily all went to plan to plan with the tan, and I am glad to say that my only ‘doh’ moment of the day was when I realised my earlier choice of train travel into town avoid the traffic, then meant journeying home in a hot carriage, brown as anything with an overly shiny face…

On completion of this training, you then have the option to purchase a starter kit from Fake Bake (including a pop up spray tan tent, gun, 2 x bottles of liquid and a selection of the sticky feet, hair nets and disposable pants) and launch a spray tan business as a mobile therapist in your own right.  Seriously, it’s as easy as that.  Even if you choose not to make this your main career, it could become a side business, enabling you to top up those fun coupons you sweat for every month – I have always wanted to learn something that would enable me to do ‘homers’ (as a tradesmen Lee always has this option) and so starting my own spray tan business on the side is now absolutely something I would like to pursue.

And who better to do this with than Fake Bake?  The benefits of having such a huge brand behind your mobile business is invaluable.  You’ll forever enjoy their continuous support and award-winning products, your business will benefit from Fake Bake’s large-scale marketing and PR campaigns and what’s more, it is a fave tanning brand of a bunch of celebs who you’ll find are constantly tweeting @fakebakeunited to thank them for their spray tans at home, which are all carried out by mobile therapists…could be you one day…enough said!

Interested?  Why not give head office a call on 08448 56 57 58 to discuss future training days and of course if you have any queries for me then drop me an email at [email protected] x