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I have a real love for Glasgow. From the people to their style, the shopping to the nightlife, I am chuffed to have been brought up somewhere I consider to be ‘cool’.

Another major bonus is the fact that you are seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to places to enjoy a right good scran.  As Scotland’s largest city, I am not sure I will ever get round the multitude of exciting eateries that it has to offer…but you can bet I am going to try.   The major and obvious hotspots for foodies would have to be the City Centre, Merchant City, the South Side and the West End, so when you find a restaurant a bit further afield you really do get that Christopher Columbus feeling, like your culinary voyage has led you to unknown eatingscapes.

Lee and I have discovered a few amazing places to dine out of late, each providing very different gastronomic experiences and all largely off the beaten track.  Sunday night was one such occasion where we enjoyed a Groupon deal The Cabin restaurant in Whiteinch.

The Cabin

Named as one of Glasgow’s oldest restaurant having been open since 1890, I am genuinely surprised I have not heard more about this establishment, yet it is a restaurant I have often driven by and I have since found out has a pretty solid reputation.  Intimate surroundings combine with quirky artefacts adorning the white-washed walls and the menu is a showcase of British faves.  Expect to see: starters comprising of prawn cocktail, pate on brioche, mussels, venison noodles and goats cheese salad; beef wellington, lemon sole, chicken balmoral for mains; and then sticky toffee pudding, chocolate brownie, cheese platter, bread and butter pudding and eton mess for desserts.

Although not a listing of the full menu, I do not think there is a dish that would disappoint based on the quality and flavours of the food we enjoyed (I started with a goats cheese salad, followed by beef wellington and sticky toffee and Lee enjoyed a prawn cocktail, also followed by the beef wellington, then the chocolate brownie).  The beef wellington was truly delicious, at £22.95 you should of course have reasonably high expectations, and this is why the Groupon we had offered such good value for money.


Having just recently opened in Cumbernauld (there are another two in the South Side) Buddy’s is absolutely the new kid on the block for American-style dining.  A refreshing change to other American themed chains, Buddy’s specialises in burgers with a wealth of tasty sides and offers fantastic value for money.  To start Lee and I shared 6 coated chicken wings in a coke, cherry and bourbon glaze (seriously YUM).  Then we moved to a pulled pork sandwich and the Bubba Burger on brioche buns with a sweet mustard sauce, complete with Cajun fries and onion rings – and this all came to a grand total of £26.

My biggest piece of advice should you decide to go to Buddy’s, go hungry!  I was so tempted to order a Popcorn Sunday to round off the meal, but then you know that feeling you get after a big meal, whereby all you want to do is lie on the ground and release your belly (especially if you are suffering from a tight trouser situation)?  Well this is how Lee and I both felt after our dinner.

Another major plus of the diner is that it boasts a decent-sized beer garden with large-screen TVs, and so offers the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks in the sun watching the sport of the day.

Having only been opened a few weeks, footfall is high at Buddy’s in Cumbernauld.  Similar to the Hard Rock Café you cannot book a table, it is a first come first served basis, but with the beer garden and adjoining bar area you have plenty of places available to enjoy a little pre-feast tipple (we only had to wait 10 mins, so not bad at all).


Did you know that the word Rasoi translated into Indian means kitchen?  The Rasoi in Lenzie was recommened to me by a number of different people (all of whom understand my very deep love of a curry).  This authentic and stylish restaurant, in addition to the adjoining takeaway (the Delhi Express), offers a menu of mouth-watering Indian dishes and includes a fantastic array of ‘specials’, like the creamy coconut monkfish and prawn curry that Lee and I devoured on our first visit (apologies for the lack of headline pics for the Rasoi).

You may have read in a previous post that Mother India is my all time favourite restaurant in Glasgow dishing up Indian cuisine, but I have to admit the Rasoi now offers some pretty spicy competition and I would 100% recommend a visit to all who appreciate a good curry.  Cost-wise, I would say the Rasoi and Mother India are on a par with each other and similar to the style of eating at the Mother India Cafe, a great option if you are looking for a cheaper meal at the Rasoi is to visit the restaurant for their Tuesday Tapas (from 6pm onwards) where you can select an array of smaller dishes at a average cost of £3.50 each.

Just a few recommended restaurants for you to consider on a visit to Glasvegas, or perhaps outwith your usual city haunts.  I rate The Cabin for their laidback attitude to fine-dining, Buddy’s for the family friendly atmosphere and large portions and then the Rasoi for their authentic style.

Let me know if you go! x