So in my last post, I was waxing lyrical about my lack of posting and my promise to do more in 2015 and then here we are two weeks on and no post. For anyone who has been visiting the site over those past two weeks, I have to say a big thanks for bearing with me!

I do have good reason however, as Lee and I are travelling up the East Coast of Australia on our honeymoon and what a bloody top notch place it is to come for a honeymoon, holiday or working holiday.

Surprisingly enough, the Wifi has not been as good or as accessible as I’d hoped in the places we have been staying, but I am taking note of all hints and tips to share with you from each of our destinations and will get them uploaded as soon as I can.

Our itinerary, which included only the booking of our Sydney & Melbourne hotels before leaving Scotland, has now grown to:

Sydney – 5 nights (including NYE)

Blue Mountains – 2 nights in Leura

Byron Bay – 4 nights

Surfer’s Paradise – 2 nights

Brisbane – 1 night

Noosa – 2 nights

Rainbow Beach – 1 night

Fraser Island – 3 nights

Rainbow Beach – 1 night

Airlie Beach – 2 nights

Whitsunday Sailing – 2 nights

Whitsunday island (hopefully) – 2 nights

Cairns – 1 night

Cape Tribulation – 2 nights

Port Douglas – 1 night

Cairns – 2 nights

Melbourne – 4 nights


To say we are loving it would be a bit of an understatement. Although Lee and I have been together almost 4 years, when you’re travelling with someone you learn even more about that person. Lee for example has learned that pro-longed periods in the sun does awkward things to me…my skin goes a hot pink colour and covers in red bumps making it hard to move gracefully, my scalp peels so that skin can always be found caught in my hair, I sweat more than I do at the gym and my feet swell up so much all my shoes become too small and inevitably create stingy skin to walk on. All of the above of course not adding to create the most attractive of looks…

I am also an incredibly impatient person, which is not the ideal combo with Lee having an intense passion for detail, taking his time to do everything from ordering food to putting his cream on.  This however is not a flaw, he has already saved me from losing the selfie stick, the remote for the selfie stick, my phone, charger and whole host of other things he has picked up behind by taking the time to be thorough.

Finally my intense tendency to lose all common sense when we leave Scottish soil has come to the forefront full bhuna- there was an incident at the airport where I convinced Lee (against his better judgement) to declare something we didn’t need too…

I guess travelling with Lee has mainly highlighted what a good person he is and makes me want to try better my impatient and hopelessly messy ways!

When in better wifi I promise to follow up with pics and info.