The Isle of Skye Candle Company is widely known for their beautifully handmade products that are truly inspired by the natural beauty of their island namesake.  So when the fine folks over at the brand asked if I would like to review a candle from their Scottish Collection, refuse I could not.

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The brand’s backstory

Founded in 2006 by an exceptionally driven bloke called James – who discovered a penchant for mixing scents when working for a local soap company in Skye – the Isle of Skye Candle Company has grown from strength to strength since its inception.

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Now with shops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Inverness and a growing collection of fragrant product options (including a multitude of candle executions and reed diffusers), it seems there is no stopping James and his team of ‘candle-eers’.

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Image: @skyecandles on insta

Things I like about the brand…

…and this is before we even get to the candles…

The team are dedicated to saving the planet.  Not only do they source 91% of their electricity from cleaner energy, they also offer a 10% discount to customers who return their candle jars, which are then cleaned and refilled.

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Their tips on candle care and burning instructions heighten the consumer experience and highlight the brand’s plight to appeal to the conscientious consumer.

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The branding.  As a marketer, I find that when I review a product, I cannot help but assess the quality of its branding alongside the product features themselves.  With the Isle of Skye Candle Company, it is clear that when they overhauled the branding in 2010, they did so to create a stylised look that still nods to the natural beauty of Skye.

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Their labelling is colourful, reminiscent of the colours you see on the island (having visited in October I can vouch for this); the lid features a block coloured map of the island; and the logo itself seems to contain the outline of one of the rocky mountainscapes Skye is famous for.

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When you then look to the brand’s promotional materials and the website, the photography from Skye is both vivid, awe inspiring and inviting.  This creates buy in for both Skye and the products, I mean who wouldn’t want to host a little reminder of a natural paradise in their own home?!

The Candles

The brand’s two major USPs (unique selling points in ‘marketing speak’) are the fact the candles are all handmade and they are lovingly developed with natural soya wax.  This is as opposed to it being extracted from oil.  Soya wax is said to be health reinforcing, giving the body a sense of tranquillity when released through burning.

What’s more the natural wax the team use, burns at a lower temperature to other waxes (like paraffin wax) ensuring a much better fragrance release as they are not burnt off quickly.  Infact the candles are so fragrance-ful, you can even enjoy the scent when they are not burning.

Adding to the above, the candle wicks have been specially developed to optimise the burn of candles so that no wax should be left in your glass when it has burnt all the way to the bottom.

The Scottish Range

Inspired by the scents of Skye, the Scottish Range emotively encapsulates each of the four seasons and provides a sensory escape to the enchanting island.

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When you visit a place like Skye, you can’t help but leave truly inspired by the natural beauty of the place.  It’s  little wonder the island was recently voted the most desirable place to live in Britain in a survey of 24,000 people carried out by Rightmove.

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The clever appeal of this brand, is that it will naturally awaken the senses to both the evocative beauty of Skye and also that of the surrounding Scottish landscapes.

With this in mind, I would be interested to hear of their global distribution plans.  I am sure there will be Britains based around the world, who would buy into these luxury candles and the memories of home they conjure up.

The Scottish Bluebell Candle

Having the choice of any candle was a toughie, but I went for the Scottish Bluebell option.

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The candle itself (which costs £20) boasts a rich, floral fragrance. It is also contains galbanum, rose and jasmine, which help to create a sense of calm. But it wasn’t the sensory notes on the website that made me opt for this candle.

Bluebells remind me of the long walks in the moors  I used to enjoy as a kid or as a brooding teenager looking for an escape.   I always saw them as a symbol of newness and hope.  As scent is the most powerful of the 5 senses and is connected to memory, it is hard for me not to be taken back to those responsibility and carefree times when the Bluebell fragrance fills my home, which in turn seems to help me to rationalise any stresses I might be having at any particular moment.

Final thought

As someone who regularly suffers from anxiety, candles are often my go to to help with relaxation.  Team them with an uplifting fragrance, which help connect to your memories or a feeling of being closer to nature and it’s easy to find your mood being uplifted and your stresses eased.

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The Isle of Skye Candle Company products will certainly help you to lose yourself in a sensory escape.  Whether that is to the awe-inspiring island itself (if you have visited), the natural wonders of the landscapes around you, or simply to memories gone by – you will not be disappointed.  And with Christmas being just around the corner, the candles make for the perfect presents for friends and family too.

My next post will focus on my recent trip to the Isle of Skye itself, so stay tuned dolls! x