You didn’t think I would let National Pink Day go by without a post did you?

Yes I may of lost my blogging mojo of late (largely I put this down to a holiday, moving house and all the issues that has come with it and if I’m being truly honest, a bit of a crisis of confidence when it comes to my writing), but of all the so-called National Holidays, this has to be worth a nod on the blog.

So how does one celebrate such a momentous day?  Well, I thought I would post some of the fave pics I have taken from my travels around the globe and show you how I like to see the world… through pink tinted specs of course…

Sugarloaf Mountain

The vista from Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio, Brazil


Paragliding in the Andes, Argentina

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru


Salt Lakes, Bolivia

Central Park

Central Park, New York


Miami Skyline, USA


Amnesia, Ibiza


Formentera, Ibiza

Eiffel Tower in pink

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Amsterdam in pink


Sydney Harbour in pink

Sydney Harbour, Australia

Byron Bay in pink

Byron Bay, Australia

Whitehaven Beach in pink

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Great Barrier Reef in pink

Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

Las Vegas skyline in pink

Las Vegas skyline, USA

Hogsmeade in pink

Hogsmeade, Universal Island’s of Adventure, USA

Life is just better in pink isn’t it? x