Hello 2016

I admire people’s positivity as they enter a New Year.  For my fellow females it generally revolves around bettering their diets…

“This is the year I am going to eat no junk food, I’m going to embark upon no chocolate binges and I am going to join the gym (or actually use the membership I currently have), so that effectively by the end of the year, I look exactly as a Victoria’s Secret model does…”

Victoria Secret Poland - New Year Body Resolutions!

Image Courtesy of Fake Bake Poland (who ‘baked’ the bunnies for the show!)


As well as the passionate dreamers, your Facebook feed may have also been full of comments from the NY resolution sceptics, ever so slightly mocking the overly zealous promises being made every 5 mins on their timeline.

I however like the spirit behind them, and think positivity and wanting to better yourself are traits that should always be celebrated… but the real admiration goes to those who follow through or at least give their goals a right good bash.

I guess the road to New Year’s Revolutions’ success is not to dream too big, an element of realism will ensure that what you wish for, is actually achievable.  I mean, I (although it has taken years) have accepted the fact that the closest I will ever come to the gorgeous display of abs, elongated thighs and tiny hips of the bunnies, is their tans…

If however you are still determined (and bloody good on you), have a read of this Vogue article from back in November, where a selection of bunnies have provided their top fitness tips to get in shape for the catwalk.

Right so without further ado I am going to keep mine as simple or as achievable as possible

  • Drink more water

  • Drink more green tea

  • Take multi-vitamins daily

  • Start yoga again

  • Talk Haggis out for more walks

  • Learn to manage/control my anxiety – this is my biggie

  • Put more effort into both my blog and writing in general

So here’s to 2016 and sticking to these… Happy New Year guys, here’s to a year where the dreamers get their way! x