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I wanted to share an amazingly quick recipe for Oreo cookie fudge with you of  Friday afternoon.  I first learned of this recipe last Christmas when I decided to ‘make’ all Lee and I’s gifts, which comprised of glittery strawberry gin, glittery skittles vodka, peanut butter fudge and then Oreo cookie fudge.  The plan had been to try to reduce the total cost of Christmas what with the wedding happening in May, but after purchasing all of the ingredients, the vintage glass bottles for the booze and pots to hold all of the edible gifts, I must admit we spent far more than ‘the budget’ allowed.

It seemed to pay off with the family however, who were very complimentary about both the fudge and the booze and it is for this reason, I decided to make some for the Blue-Chicks last week as part of a gift.

Ingredients for 1 tray: 3 x slabs of white cooking chocolate, 1 x drop of vanilla essence, 1 x 250g packet of Oreo cookies and 1 x can of condensed milk (I went for Light option as you will see from the pic with the aim of cutting at least few of the calories in this oh so sugary treat)

The Process:

  1. Break up the slabs of white chocolate (you’ll notice in the pic above I only used 2 slabs – Lee ate the 3rd – but 3 is definitely better to allow for thicker pieces of fudge)
  2. Add a drop of vanilla essence
  3. Add the full can of condensed milk
  4. Microwave the mix for a few minutes, remove and stir until smooth – if there are still bits of un-melted chocolate, microwave for further minute until mix is smooth
  5. Break up the full packet of Oreo cookies (do not use the Sky remote to do this, or indeed jump on the packet on your living room floor – Lee just looked at me with this shocked expression when I tried both of these actions and do be honest neither worked.  You are best to either simply break them up with your hands, or use a rolling pin to batter them on a chapping board)
  6. Place baking paper on a tray (we only had kitchen foil) and then evenly space out half of the crushed Oreos on the tray base
  7. Pour the fudge mix over the crushed cookies
  8. Sprinkle the remainder of the cookies over the top of the mix
  9. Place tray in fridge to set
  10. When hard, place slab of fudge onto a chopping board and use a pizza cutter to cut squares of fudge
  11. To finish, add squares of fudge to candy bags

That’s all there is to it and trust me, the fudge is yummy and is made in under 10 minutes! To set, I would leave the fudge in the fridge overnight if you have the time.

You may have guessed from my recent foodie-related posts and reviews, all I seemed to have been doing since the wedding is eating like it’s going out of fashion.  I hope to curb it soon…x