Well, I survived my first 2 weeks at the gym with only a few Bridget Jones moments…

Initially, if I am honest, there was a slight camel toe situ in the new too-tight workout trousers (never ever good, especially when you can’t stop homing in on it in the mirror whilst on the treadmill).  Then followed a good few horrific wedgies, and then an interesting situ where my baggy Primark granny p’s were actually falling down when jogging (trousers still in place thank god, but you can imagine the discomfort); a couple of dizzy spells walking off the treadmill, a blind panic that I had forgotten how to actually move my legs on the cross trainer; then there’s the blonde moments sitting on the weight machines and not having a clue how they work; and then of course the awkward mishaps when I have gone to wipe down the machine I have just finished with, only to forget what one it was and end up washing the three possible contenders (its happened more than you would think and much to the amusement of fellow gym goers)…

Overlook the above and I have to say it’s not been too bad getting into the swing of things and I guess I could say I do quite enjoy it…when I am there…infact just as I am almost done (and not a second before).

Having stepped on the scales this morning – which I have discovered claim that I am two pounds lighter than the gym scales and so naturally I prefer them –  it seems I have lost 4 pounds over the past two weeks.  Chuffed with this weight loss, I then celebrated with a Domino’s lunch (a treat from a lovely colleague) and then a pretty hefty Mexican for dinner…eater’s remorse has since ensued and it’s back to the bloody gym first thing…


The Boudoir is now complete. Just a few wee coats of paint to add to the wardrobe doors, but we are finally now at a stage where we love our bedroom, which is in stark contrast to our feelings on the damp and pretty grubby room it previously was.

IMG_0705 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0706IMG_0699 IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0696

One of the biggest and best additions to the room is the sliding wardrobe, which was created by Lee’s dad, and with two rails it now offers double the cupboard space the last wardrobe did (although I have been warned this is not an excuse to buy more clothes..).  And for the other room amenities…

  • The bed and Rose bedside light – Next Home – absolutely love the rose light, it gives the room a romantic lighting and at only £20 is a bargain!
  • The bedside table and dressing table – Dunelm Mill
  • The lace-effect wallpaper – The Untouchables – we actually bought this paper about 2 years ago when I spotted it and fell in love with the unique effect
  • The Victorian effect coving and ceiling rose – Plaster Coving Ltd – for me this really adds to that French style aesthetic, where a normal coving could have detracted from it
  • The chandelier – B&Q
  • The chandelier picture with light up feature – The Range
  • The gold frame and storage boxes – Ikea – the storage boxes are the ideal size to fit under a bed and can hold all my underwear, socks and tights (I have like 50 pairs)
  • The artwork- this is an authentic canvas from Paris and was purchased from a stall next to the Ponts Des Arts and an authentic print bought from a stall for 2 euros on the Champs D’ Elysee.  Since seeing how good these look in situ, I have made the conscious decision to pick up artwork from every country visited
  • The gilded frame around the canvas is in actual fact a mirror from B&M (we could not find a gilded frame big enough).  It is the one Lee and I used for our table plan at the wedding and so it is great we were able to put it to good use
  • The bedding – the set in the pic is from B&M and was £25, we also bought a Kylie Minogue bedspread from eBay which was far more expensive and not as nice.
  • The white furry bed cover and storage boxes – TK Maxx – I love these storage boxes which hold my nail polishes and make-up, they are pretty and so there’s no need to hide them away
  • The cast iron gilded radiator – Cast Iron Radiator Ltd – if you are in the market for one of these (they really are a pretty unique focal point of our bedroom) then this company seems to be the wholesaler for many of the other companies we sourced.  As the supplier they had the cheapest prices, but to be honest the company themselves seemed a bit all over the place and took 3 weeks to deliver our radiator.  Granted they are made to order and created from old cast iron radiators which are reconditioned.  Remember when you purchase one, they are priced per column and they don’t come with the fixtures and fittings.
  • The blind – Artyliscious – I had to hide the price of this blind from Lee!!  I would advise to Google to try to find a promotional code for Artyliscious before making a purchase
  • Carpet – Carpet Right – sales in carpet shops are so frequent be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these before making a purchase (they usually happen every bank holiday and major public holidays).  A tip to save money is to purchase your underlay from eBay, you can get a good 12 inch underlay which will make a cheaper carpet feel more substantial underfoot for far cheaper online, then the prices you will be quoted in a carpet shop.

What a difference it has made to our living, enjoying the room we sleep in.  I now feel like the décor matches our style, instead of that of the little old lady before us.  Having a theme before starting the work (in this case we opted for a Parisian/ French boudoir style), really made the whole process far easier for us when it came to shopping for the aesthetics and so if you are looking for a change but not sure what is best to do, then try to focus more on a theme from the outset and the accessories should fall into place.

Just a few touch ups in the kitchen and that will be complete too so watch this space…

I hope you all have a great weekend! x