Week 4 of the Herbalife Diet

As mentioned last week, I had my weigh in on Friday and to my utter amazement (and I mean I had one of those out loud ‘yas’ moments) I found that over the past three weeks of doing the Herbalife diet, I have lost 5 pounds. Now, had I been doing the diet strictly, I would …


Day 7 – Herba-crisis

Well this weekend has been an epic fail on the diet front… It all kicked off on Friday night, when Lee and I went to the Hanoi Bike Shop in Ruthven Lane (Glasgow’s West End) for dinner with our friends Dave and Heather.  This Vietnamese eatery was once hired out in its entirety by none other …


Day 1 – calm it on the carbs

Ok so last night I confirmed my re-initiation to Herbalife and that I would diarise my progress with you guys.  I always like to hear how other people manage their diets, for me it has been a constant struggle over the years with my clothes size ranging from an 8 to a 14. So here …

Instagram did not return a 200.