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It's The Little Things

It’s The Little Things

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A few posts ago I started to discuss my ideas on how best to break down the decision-making process when planning a wedding. Tier one of the process covered: budget, venue, guestlist and date. Tier two comprised of booking your major suppliers and now tier three covers the aesthetics of your wedding, which can further be broken down into attire and theme (often both are intrinsically linked).

A wedding theme can be dictated by a colour, the style of your venue, an era or a shared passion/ a prominent feature of both yours and your partner’s lives together.  The best thing I can advise you do is to use tools such as Google, Pinterest and Facebook to search for images of different themes.  Or as mentioned, perhaps you and your partner have a quirky love of music festivals, outer space (did you see that episode of Don’t Tell The Bride…madness) or even The Great Gatsby, to focus the aesthetics upon – your wedding is your showcase so have fun with it.

For Lee and I, we did not start out with a theme, it seemed to naturally evolve from the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses, which you’ll be incredibly surprised to hear is pink…three different colours of pink to be precise.  This rather girly theme is much to my mother’s dismay, she is worried that dressing both the bridesmaids and then the venue in pink, will lead to some kind of immature-looking Barbie/princess wonderland – think Katy Perry California Girls meets Peter Andre and Katie Price’s wedding.

Although this is wee Lindy’s fear, I am 75% confident that our wedding will not look ‘too’ pink.  I don’t even think Lee has clocked onto the fact that pink is actually ‘the theme’ of our wedding, how I have managed to pull this off I can’t be sure.  So here’s where our guests can expect to see our colour scheme in action:

    • Bridesmaid dresses, lip and nail colour
    • Usher’s ties
    • Flowers (my bouquet will be pink, the bridesmaids will be ivory and the flowers on the table will be a mix of both pink and ivory)
    • The ribbon around the tiers of the cake
    • An aspect of my dress and my lip and nail colour
    • Major colour for the sweetie table with most sweets being pink
    • Pink uplighters which will illuminate the marquee both day and night

One of the themes that I really like is the vintage style which seems to be trending at the moment.  I love the way this theme captures a quirky picture and it has so much mileage in terms of the accessories available.  One of the things to be wary of when picking your theme however, is that it will add to your costs and I have even heard of some brides becoming completely obsessed with theirs to the extent they spend a fortune on it.  Don’t let your theme consume you so much so that it leads to you over-stressing when it comes to the finer details.  Although I have been guided by my colour scheme, it has not taken precedence over my choices for things like invitations, table plans, etc.

Supplier tips

When planning the aesthetics of my wedding, I would have loved to have had a nosey at another bride’s list of suppliers to help with my choices, so here are mine in the hope this help give you some inspiration.


Supplier: Dream Day Flowers.  Lisa, the owner of Dream Day Flowers, was recommended to us by Laura at Boturich and so on seeing and liking her work online, my mum and I arranged to meet with her and discuss our flowery ideas.  We could tell right away that Lisa knew her stuff, but she also knew of every nook and cranny at Boturich and so this made us confident that she was the right lady for the job.  Lisa asked that I send her pictures of bouquets I favoured in order for her to try to spot patterns amidst the floral arrangements (Google images and Pinterest are definitely the best for this).  From this she concluded I have a major fondness for both roses and peonies and on seeing both my wedding and bridesmaid dresses, she has suggested the perfect flowers.

Be sure to initially ask your venue for their recommended florist and then if this supplier does not suit, a great place to browse the work of further suppliers is at wedding shows.


Supplier: Display Works.  These were certainly not cheap but can really create a unique effect to the look of your wedding (pic of Boturich with uplighters above).  Other great options for a marquee could be a tea-light canopy, which also looks fab but we felt the uplighters would really add to the atmosphere of the marquee in both daylight and then when the sun goes down.

Sweetie table

Organised by myself (dun, dun, dun).  In hindsight I would absolutely advise hiring a supplier to build you a sweetie table.  I have spent a fortune on ours and for a short time, the planning of it really consumed me.  If you live in central Scotland I can highly recommend, It’s The Little Things, who offer the best rate I have come across, provide a beautiful cart to display your treats (pic above) and essentially take the stress out of this aspect of your wedding day.  It is run by two lovely sisters who really want to add to your special day and even their Gold Package offer (which includes: a full day hire of the white cart, all glassware, scoops, tongs, sweet bags, bespoke colour scheme and personalised frame and stickers along with your choice of 10 sweet and/or savoury goodies at a cost of £125 + 75 per guest) is still cheaper than the path I naively decided to tred.

Having a slight obsession with popcorn, I was mad keen to offer a selection of gourmet popcorns to our guests.  And so ruled by this unhealthy fixation, I ordered 4kg of the stuff from Joe & Sephs in four funky flavours (fingers crossed they don’t taste that way).  From there I of course had to buy the lovely bon bon jars to hold it all in, popcorn boxes and serving scoops.  A woman possessed, I then moved onto sweets and the wish to produce Irn Bru Cupcakes for the table (purchasing the sweets in bulk from Makro and cardboard cake stands from Country Baskets) – I will be sure to share the recipe for the cupcakes when the time comes to make these.  This of course resulted in the purchase of more jars, sweetie bags and then a decision to showcase a sweetie tree as the centre piece of the table (which is being made by a friend at Sugar and Spice Sweet Trees who creates some truly amazing trees).

As you can imagine the culmination of the above has come at a pretty price (neither Lee, nor my mum know the true extent of my sweetie table spending) but if I can offer any advice to save money with a sweetie table (that is if you are very intent on doing it yourself) it would be to source your jars, boxes, bags etc. from the likes of eBay and Amazon and don’t automatically fall into the Not On The High Street trap.  Please don’t get me wrong, what a bloody brilliant trap it is and NOTH is one of my fave online retailers (it is the place I got the pink tourist info style sign in the pic above).  But with the aim of trying to save as much as possible, I browsed each of the pages of NOTH and picked out a selection of jars, chalk board labels, sweetie table banners and a whole host of other things and then opened both Amazon and eBay in windows alongside each other and sourced the same or similar products – for the most part – for that little bit cheaper.  Another couple of great online stores I would recommend is and Etsy (but watch the delivery costs from some of the sellers on Etsy).

Signage & props

Similar to the above I used NOTH as a base and then searched for my favoured signs and props elsewhere to try to source cheaper prices.  Take for example the re-usable chalk board stickers from NOTH which are £4.99 + £1.95 delivery, whereas if you search for these products on eBay you can get the same products for £1.19 cheaper or a very similar product for only £3.20.  Although I am only talking about a small saving each time, it is seriously these little costs that add up.  It does have to be said however that this is not always the case with NOTH, for example I could not source the Ginger Ray Photo Booth Kit in the pic above, any cheaper elsewhere at the time of purchase. So the overriding piece of advice is never to accept the first cost, whether this be NOTH or another supplier, always try your hardest to find it cheaper, you could end up saving hundreds of pounds…to spend on essential things, like gourmet popcorn…

And as final a word of warning, please always look at the dimensions of any signs you buy.  Don’t, like me, see a picture of a sign sitting in a garden on eBay, take this perspective as gospel and expect that you can then use that sign in the grounds of your wedding.  When the box for my Happily Ever After sign arrived, my heart sank, and what was planned for the lawn will now sit on the prop table…

Hope you are all having a fab weekend?  I collected up my hen-do dress from Topshop yesterday which is lovely, but requires a petticoat to ensure no pantage can be seen.  Adding a petticoat will give the dress a vintage look and I can’t wait to have it on next sat! x