Following on from posting the highlights of Lee and I’s wedding video last weekend, I wanted to upload a sample of some of our favourite professional wedding photos, which may help you to pick out poses that you do or don’t like for your photography.

As mentioned in a previous post Jillian Clark and her husband John were our photographers and they truly were a fantastic team.  The best thing about having two photographers on the day, is the fact that you get two angles of the one shot and if you are like me, often it is the side angle which you favour (I am not a massive fan of my face straight on in pics).  You can also get a great mix of those set up and then natural photos.

Wedding Photography Tips

Confirm the ‘must have’ pictures with your photographer before the wedding (e.g. bride and groom with bridal party, immediate family, friend groups and extended family members)

On visiting your venue prior to the wedding, consider each area as a potential backdrop for photos so you know on the day the places you want your posed pics to be located

Look on your venue’s website and Facebook pages, as you can often see examples of other wedding photos and this can again inspire the locations of your photos

Appoint a member of the bridal party to go and fetch guests for photos

Request a mix of posed and natural photos of both the bridal party and guests – pics of natural laughter are a favourite of mine – only having posed pics will mean you miss some of the behind the scenes action

Take some props to add a bit of humour to the posed pics

If you can book your photographer later into the day/night, do, the sunshine broke through the clouds just as Jillian and John left!

Make sure one of your bridesmaids has your lippy, or indeed if your new hubbie has a sporran, get it in there, you will want to have this continually topped up for the photos

Finally, make sure you get the right balance between getting your photos done and then interacting with your guests and enjoying your day.  Jillian and John were very efficient which enabled us to enjoy a bit of the drinks reception before dinner

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